Revoking America’s safety and legacy

Why is trump out to destroy everything Democrats have put in place? For his own financial goals, for those of his energy company buddies who are upset at the reasonable regulations set on their megalomaniacal ambitions? Perhaps to pay back those who assisted in his election and are upset by limits forced upon them?

From numerous treaties to environmental protection to transgender recognition, he’s doing away with things to force his will and the Republican agenda.

Trump has revoked Obama-era flood standards for federal infrastructure projects, like roads and bridges, set in place to to reduce risk of damage from sea-level rise and other (very real) climate change effects.

He has eliminated more energy regulations than anyone in history, He has reversed clean environment plans, instead approving deregulation of gas and coal industry standards which favor his energy sector buddies. He’s removed protection for national lands put in place by presidents going back to Roosevelt; he approved two pipelines going through areas where native people live, running the risk of polluting their waters. He even wants to open up drilling in the Arctic National refuge, one of the last pristine lands America still has.

He’s ordered a review of regulations on oil and gas drilling in national parks where mineral rights are privately owned; proposed changes to regulations for oil well control and blowout prevention systems implemented after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill; and rescinded an Obama-era order to consider climate change in managing natural resources in national parks.

Then there’s his ‘love’ of animals. He’s overturned a ban on the use of lead ammunition, fish weights and tackle on federal lands. Guess he hasn’t read about the dangers of lead on our national bird, the bald eagle, dropping like flies after eating contaminated fish. He’s withdrew proposed limits on endangered marine mammals and sea turtles unintentionally caught by fishing nets on the West Coast; and amended fishing regulations for a number of species to allow for longer seasons and higher catch rates. Let’s see, population growing every year + higher catch rates = yep, empty oceans.

The list is long and it doesn’t stop with that. There’s water pollution, toxic substances and random others he’s revoked or is in process of revoking.

How do we stop this? Can we really sit by and allow Trump to destroy our beautiful nation, to relax crucial limits and controls put in place to keep us safe?

This country needs to move forward with its thinking and actions but this man continues to try to remove integral spokes from the proverbial wheel.



This is ridiculous. Removing financial assistance from international aid sources just because they offer family planning and abortion services… Isn’t this imperative in third world countries, to alleviate overpopulation, to say the least?

The shortsightedness of this president is flabbergasting.

Political amendments plus…

It’s just not right that politicians bundle good amendments with sneaky (pointless) ones; those they know wouldn’t normally pass.

For example, Amendment 6 (in Florida) talks about victim rights, expanding and delineating already existing state rights; it’s modeled after California’s Marsey’s law.

Great! Except bundled with that is a mandatory age increase for Florida judges and Supreme Court justices, from 70 to 75

Dunno about you but, at my age, my brain power is not what it used to be. My father died at 80; 75 is way too old.

And this isn’t the only one, of course. Politicians push our hand. There is not a single one out there that actually gives a crap about their constituents. It’s –as always–all about the money, prestige and future for no one but themselves and those they owe.

It’s simply unfair for everyone

True and scary

The Daily Show has always been one of my favorites programs, even now that Trevor Noah had taken over from the inimitable Jon Stewart. Many hate liberals and pundits. I see them as the people who read between the lines and are willing to disseminate the true aspects of the story. They play devil’s advocate and I, for one, truly appreciate the different view point; considering I do that myself for most of my friends.

I chose to post a YouTube video today because it expresses quite well the other criminality of the man some have appointed as head of this country. Besides everything else he says and does, and every other way he undermines this country daily, the specific subject is something he is very very familiar with, having been part of women ‘bashing’ himself, and having been caught on tape, albeit long before he was the POTUS.

There should not be a limit on women being able to accuse someone who has assaulted or raped them. It is a trumatic experience and many don’t want to relive it in anyway shape or form. By the same token, women who falsely accuse someone should be held accountable as well. You cannot ruin a person’s life without severe consequences. But this clip does not speak specifically to that rather to the flippant way, Mr Trump has managed to make men the victims in this whole #MeToo movement.

The video is a little long but it’s a good watch, eye-opening. Don’t be upset over it, just listen to the message and don’t react, just process it.

Sad, just sad

This should not happen…ever.


Federal police forensic specialists investigate the cause of the fire that tore through Brazil’s National Museum in Rio de Janeiro. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

To ensure we don’t lose any more of our priceless items, perhaps we should start vetting countries that have these treasures. Maybe we help fund these buildings, ensure they have appropriate measures to fend off fire; make sure there’s enough funding for workers to fix displays and pay themselves.

With terrorists destroying treasures in the Islamic world, the last thing we need is random acts destroying more priceless items.


Home safe! Of course I’m happy and sad, as with any trip, maybe a little more so this time.

Ireland was truly a surprise. A little island with a very long history, breathtaking terrain, stunning vistas, and lovely friendly people, who have been through so much and continue to endure. Americans could learn a thing or two from the Irish, like humility and national pride.

And that gift of gab…! Practically everyone we met had an ear to lend, a story to tell and loved to interact. From history to everyday life to folklore, all was colored with their personalities, anecdotes and their inimitable dry humor.

I’ll definitely be reading more into all the things I’ve learned. The numbers and statistics—emigration to immigration, death tolls to percentages—are staggering. So much loss, betrayal, deaths… I may even need to follow my family tree.

Bottom line, I would like to go back, which is not something I normally do; there’s so much world still to visit. But Ireland was magical. Their food was tasty, their beer varied and their spirits–human and distilled–simply delightful.

And the little people, I hear them calling… 🧚‍♀️

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