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Apple, oh Apple

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You continually put out products that are beautiful to have and to hold. The quality of your work—from edges to visuals—is truly a wonder to behold. I can understand the prices you tag onto your items, to cover the excessive research and development that goes into them. But what I don’t yet get, and believe I will always have an issue with, is how you can charge $500 for an entry level iPad and have the gall to charge for a flimsy magnetic cover. For goodness sake, just include it! Made in China, it can’t possibly cost you that much.

C’mon guys, it’s felt-covered polyurethane, in a variety of colors, that bends to create a prop for the pad, with a piece of magnetized metal. That’s it! It’s not a keyboard, it’s not super light, it doesn’t slide into the side of the tablet, or become a stylus. I could see charging $40 for it ($80 for the leather one that also covers the back) if it did at least one of these things but…

Ok, I don’t need to go over it again. I think you get how I feel about this. Needless to say, I’ll be spending my $40 on a cover that protects completely, has pockets, comes with a screen protector, and has a place to insert the aforementioned stylus :)

I’m a gamer…

There, I admitted it: I like to play video games. Not all of them, but there are some I have been know to stay up for: Skyrim, Dishonored, Far Cry are the most recent.

So I downloaded Game of War: Fire Age (an iPad and iPhone MMO similar to Clash of Clans) about a month ago and thought, “Wee, this is fun!”,  liking the different relationships you can build in an alliance, and appreciating the nice look of the game. I faithfully leveled up so I could do battle with similar foes in our kingdom.
And here’s were things started going downhill for me. Suddenly, the ruling alliance, the Pandas of War (P W), decided they would start attacking everyone. No big deal except they are three times more powerful than everyone else in the kingdom. Likely, these people are the developers (or their friends) who have cheats for leveling up. They’ve raided every alliance, picking on the ones who fight back, with more power than any of them can match, even together. Über frustrating!
Ok, some of you are thinking this sounds stupid; it is, after all, a game of war. You will get attacked and killed. How would you expect to not fight?
Of course, I expect that! But I expect it from a worthy and equal adversary, not by what is likely the developer’s clan out to antagonize and destroy every player and alliance trying to gain ground merely to allay their boredom. When you have 20 million in power and the player you’re attacking has 1 million…well, you do the math.
So why am I writing this post, you ask. Well, I just want people to be aware of what they’re getting into by downloading the game. Don’t get me wrong, I do like playing this, and gaining an invite from a top alliance raises your online self esteem a bunch (!!) But remember what I wrote when the Panda alliances destroy you after weeks of playing fairly.
Oh yea, and don’t get fooled by the “gold hack”. No such animal. It’s a site that takes you on a bunch of survey circles with no end. If it’s too good to be true…
And finally, developers of Game of War: Fire Age, please understand this: if you are the Panda alliance please know you will begin losing players left and right, unwilling and/or unable to fight a fow so much stronger than they are allowed to be.

dance in the wind


my incredible garden

I adore my garden; especially this year, with all the rain we’ve gotten. Everything just went “POOF” and magically (well, with the help of a few Jobe sticks) grew to heights before unseen. This prompted me to grab my cameras—yes, that includes my iPhone since it takes rather good shots in the right light—my hubby, and a couple LED lights, and walk around for many of the 24 hours in the day, capturing amazing things. Some of these blooms have such exquisite scents…I only wish I had me one of them smell-o-matic cameras!

I’m going to try, over the next few posts, to keep things on a light note. So I’ll be posting some of my favorites. Feel free to comment…or question :)

our disposable dispositions

The Macy’s building in downtown Houston

In Houston this week the 60 year-old Macy’s building was imploded to make way for a new retail center. My question is, why do Americans have this propensity for destroying things around them? While I can see that the building—originally a Foley’s—is definitely not all glass and nouveau lines, how cool would it have been to have the new center built atop the classic structure, thus maintaining the look of the area , the memories.

Of course, I understand many of these older building don’t have good bones. But in this technologically-advanced age, do we not have the capability to reinforce and rebuild? I suppose it all comes down to the cost of destruction vs restructure. Or perhaps it’s just because we love seeing things blow-up…

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