I’m a gamer…

There, I admitted it: I like to play video games. Not all of them, but there are some I have been know to stay up for: Skyrim, Dishonored, Far Cry are the most recent.

So I downloaded Game of War: Fire Age (an iPad and iPhone MMO similar to Clash of Clans) about a month ago and thought, “Wee, this is fun!”,  liking the different relationships you can build in an alliance, and appreciating the nice look of the game. I faithfully leveled up so I could do battle with similar foes in our kingdom.
And here’s were things started going downhill for me. Suddenly, the ruling alliance, the Pandas of War (P W), decided they would start attacking everyone. No big deal except they are three times more powerful than everyone else in the kingdom. Likely, these people are the developers (or their friends) who have cheats for leveling up. They’ve raided every alliance, picking on the ones who fight back, with more power than any of them can match, even together. Über frustrating!
Ok, some of you are thinking this sounds stupid; it is, after all, a game of war. You will get attacked and killed. How would you expect to not fight?
Of course, I expect that! But I expect it from a worthy and equal adversary, not by what is likely the developer’s clan out to antagonize and destroy every player and alliance trying to gain ground merely to allay their boredom. When you have 20 million in power and the player you’re attacking has 1 million…well, you do the math.
So why am I writing this post, you ask. Well, I just want people to be aware of what they’re getting into by downloading the game. Don’t get me wrong, I do like playing this, and gaining an invite from a top alliance raises your online self esteem a bunch (!!) But remember what I wrote when the Panda alliances destroy you after weeks of playing fairly.
Oh yea, and don’t get fooled by the “gold hack”. No such animal. It’s a site that takes you on a bunch of survey circles with no end. If it’s too good to be true…
And finally, developers of Game of War: Fire Age, please understand this: if you are the Panda alliance please know you will begin losing players left and right, unwilling and/or unable to fight a fow so much stronger than they are allowed to be.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joe
    Oct 24, 2013 @ 13:26:21

    Good insight. This game is cool, but Panda has made most of my fiends abandon for other games. Devs need to add ability to change kingdom. That is only way this game will last more than a year or so..


    • vaodiva
      Oct 24, 2013 @ 13:30:44

      Agreed. The kingdoms should open up sooner, allowing players to move around as needed, and do battle with like alliances. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Panda Hate
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 11:38:48

    Blue Panda are wallet warriors. They don’t have hacks, just a ton of money. The downfall of these kind of games is that any rich kid can replace skill with money. I feel you!


  3. Dee
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 02:09:00

    I’m drom panda and left them, now my alliance is the strongest in k94.
    About player come from developer, i gv some thinking like you before, but then after 7 month play, i know these guys are people with a lot of money. Well some of them is a friend from MZ worker, but they truly put money on it to attract another spenders to spend a lot and they succeed..
    Me mu self already spend a lot and one of mu acc sold for $350. But now i restraint my self not to put money again and play for fun, after all my current alliance hv lvl 17 gift, and whenever i’m on tehtbis always 1000 gold from the gift…so no need to spend a lot again..
    Just sharing my experinence tho..


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