Farewell President Obama

I work in a heavily Republican bar, serving some incredibly close-minded, radically pro-change, Trump supporters. It’s very hard for me to not comment on what’s said, at times. As a rule, politics are not discussed; but every once in a while the subject does pop up.

Obama is seen as the (pardon the word) nigger liberal who’s ruined this country. I find that horribly sad because really, except for Obama-care, I think he brought a measure of tolerance and caring to the White House that’s been lacking for a while. No one is perfect;  less so, perhaps, the leader of a great nation.

I could never imagine being President, ever. I remember ages ago wondering why anyone would. Invariably I came up with the same answer every time: lust for power. But this man seemed to do it for the overall good of the people he presided over. His measured way of speaking, of finding the best words; the way he (properly) used social media, regularly reaching out to the country. His seemingly normal, centered daughters and Michele Obama, the closest thing to a real first lady we’ve had in a great while.

So I watched this last night at 3:00, while attempting to regain my sleep pattern, and felt inclined to post it. I’ve not written much over the last few years, but I believe I’ll start again. I have a feeling things are going to be getting under my skin and I’ll need an outlet. Never mind that one of my greatest friends said I should do so cuz she likes reading me 😉

President and Mrs. Obama


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