Our blue marble in space

Animals are not on this earth to provide humans with entertainment. The loss of one species will undoubtedly impact those around it and, ultimately, the fate of the entire planet. We cannot survive without maintaining a delicate balance. This means keeping hunters and poachers away from our endangered species.

More people need to be aware, need to be educated as to the perils of human greed and selfishness. We are destroying the only place we have to live; this astoundingly beautiful planet on which such wonderful fauna and flora dwell. We must, over all else, protect this place! The consequences of negligence and self servedness is death.

I know, I’ve said it before but, it’s becoming more and more critical. Start at home but think big picture. Please


More extinction


Functional extinction is the extinction of a species or other taxon such that..the reduced population no longer plays a significant role in ecosystem function or the population is no longer viable.

Yesterday marked the functional extinction of yet another species, the Northern White rhino. Yes there are two remaining females, neither of which is capable of natural birth, according to Czech scientists. The only hope of ever bringing this species back from extinction is through the use of the living cells taken from the actual animals. Perhaps in the near future these cells can be grown into a healthy baby N. White Rhino. We can only hope…

Until and unless every single human is aware of, and understands, the ramifications of the disappearance of every animal on earth, this cycle will not stop. Poaching, Chinese medicine, trophy hunting, habitat loss and a complete disregard for nature will destroy our ecosystems and, subsequently, our planet.

People please, get educated!!

My mountain

I grew up on The Sound of Music. It’s still, to this day, one of my very favorite movies and soundtracks. I know it all by heart, every word, every skip in the record, everything.

But as a kid, I never realized just how much the song Climb Every Mountain would fit my life and what I wanted it to be. “Climb every mountain, ford every stream. Follow every rainbow till you find your dream.” How incredibly fitting! Do what you need to do to find what makes you happy. What else is there?

Happiness is finding that dream, fulfilling that mission, having that life! If you don’t have your dream and you’re not happy in your life, what do you truly have?

Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop until you find your happiness, joy, exuberance, deliverance…your dream.

Climb that next mountain and just find it!

Let’s fix us

We need to concentrate on fixing what’s wrong with this country: welfare, senate terms, lobbyists, reckless expansion, and frivolous spending.

Welfare is a farce and the first thing that needs to be looked at and completely revamped. Free money, given with no check and balances, with no way to corroborate its use, does not make our country go forward. Anyone on this system, for any amount of time, should be required to provide ongoing proof of need and use for all monies given them. Individuals should be required to prove they’re looking for the means to support themselves. Unemployment forces you to give a weekly account of where you’ve searched for jobs; and that’s a finite resource.

Anyone on welfare because they cannot afford to feed their existing children should not be allowed to have more. Period. I know China has limited the number of children any family can have, and has been doing this for a long time. Of course, because they’re doing it, it’s misguided. People, overpopulation is a real threat!

Senate terms need to be enacted; as do limits on how many times they get a raise, how much they make, and how often they get to take time off. Our country will never see change if the humans at the top are not rotated every 2-4 years. Fresh ideas and younger minds…that’s what this country needs.

Lobbyist…shit, there’s not a single good thing about them. They push their private agenda using coercion and bribes. Get rid of them.

The need for constant expansion is tied to overpopulation. Builders build more houses, encroaching on wild lands, swamps, landfills. Then we have the inevitable lawsuits because a bear took Muffy, attacked their kids, the home suddenly smells nauseating, or is sinking. If we stopped for a second and thought about what we’re doing rather than being in such a hurry to get bigger perhaps we’d realize we’re outgrowing ourselves. We’ve lost control and don’t even know it.

We need to concentrate on helping our homeless and fixing welfare, focus on maintaining what we have rather than creating more and more problems. We’re a money driven society, I get that. When Trump said bring America back that’s what I thought he’d concentrate on.

Still waiting…

Verifiable guilt

Why are we still housing those obviously guilty of heinous crimes? Why are we allowing lawyers to use the insanity defense to get their clients off, as a reason to kill innocents? Want to solve the issue of recurrent crime and our overpopulated prisons? An eye for an eye.

As a law-abiding taxpayer I don’t feel like paying for these mental midgets and psychotics to live comfortably in a cell for years on end. Give them one year; allow the lawyers 365 days to exonerate their client, that’s it. You’re in there for a reason!

And lawyers, why are you trying so hard to defend criminals who are so obviously guilty!? (yea, yea, our judicial system)

I know I know, there are a handful of people that are put in jail mistakenly. But that’s just a few compared to the others that are living on death row getting meals, a bed, a place to live; never mind that prisons breed more criminals than they help!

Rant over.


Empower our vets

How come we haven’t asked our vets to protect our kids? Why haven’t we hired our retired military as ‘security guards’? You better believe they wouldn’t run away like that pussy in Parkland. How about killing two birds with one stone: protect our schools and give our able-bodied military vets a job.

Gun control will never work; there is no controlling guns or any of the parts that go into making them. Simple pipe dream, nothing more. When you go into a to school, armed and ready to inflict harm on anybody and everybody that steps in your path, you’re guilty. There needs to be no jury of your peers (peers?!) or court of law to judge you; there is no DNA evidence required. Shoot to kill…done. An eye for an eye. We have to stop coddling this nation and start acting to defend ourselves.

Yes, I know many are thinking it will only be the beginning of a military state. We will be no better than Egypt, Panama, Venezuela or any of the other other gun-toting countries around the world. It doesn’t have to be that way, but something has to be done to protect the kids, to bring some sort of punishment to those who seek to hurt them. Who better than former military to bring this change about, to secure these lives.

Teachers should never be armed. Teachers are put in classrooms to teach our children, the future of our country. Give them one job and let them do it. For that matter, pay them more than they’re getting right now because they are trying to teach our future!

Vet the vets; they will step in to save lives…and nullify the situation immediately.

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