Year-End Arctic Chill Persists; Ice and Snow Loom from Florida to Maine

(borrowed from Bob Henson · January 2, 2018, 2:27 PM EST)

How kewl—well cold, actually! This photo brilliantly represents the crazy arctic weather the entire country has been experiencing. One of the warmest years in U.S. history ended with one of the coldest blasts ever recorded east of the Rockies for the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

In Florida, our high today was an extraordinarily (especially for early January) rare 47°. At 10:30 this morning I left my meeting, driving my Silverado through cold rain pushed by 20 mph gusts; the temperature at the house was 36°. Let me tell you, I’m über happy I chose the truck today! No clue what might’ve become of me in the Miata.

Understandably, our unusual chill pales in comparison to those being experience by our Northern friends; but snow in Jacksonville, FL has to be acknowledged! Next to that, the Muskegon, MI lighthouse on the last day of 2017. Stay warm my friends!


Sowing the seeds of destruction

The savanna elephant population declined by 30% (about 144,000 elephants) from 2007 to 2014, according to the Great Elephant Census.

One more in a line of stupid idiotic decisions made by the carrot, this one show a level of idiocy previously untapped by the man. The absolute lack of caring for this planet, that we ALL inhabit, shows what a total mistake our current administration is. It appears the wholesale destruction of a species that is already endangered is on this idiot’s list. Self-serving, shallow, uninspired and generally just dumb, his whole last year has been an effort to pay back those that got him in office, one way or another. This is just one more in a long line of reasons why the carrot will be, without a doubt, the absolutely worst and most destructive president the United States has ever seen; that I will probably ever seen.

I don’t know if our planet, and our pride, can withstand another three years of this Tweeting fool. What can we do when they pass laws and make decisions behind our backs?! I’ve tried writing letters, voicing my dissent, I’m trying to stop things I can in miscellaneous ways, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good. I’m so frustrated and angry!

How can the ‘leader of the free world’ be this level of uncaring moron? Does he ever even consider the ramifications of the decisions he makes? The stupidity present in this, and so many other, decisions made by this man who calls himself our president, is so astounding I am left lacking for words.

What if…

What would happen if the heads of news departments started focusing on good news, uplifting stories, happy thoughts.

How would people react?

Would the world be different? Could we be better, less mean, more appreciative of what we have in front of us, all around us? Might we start being kinder, more tolerant, less aggressive?

What if the focus of our planet, as a whole, shifted to the good? I know we can’t get rid of evil, mean stories but can’t we focus, in equal measure, on happy, good stories?

Would our leaders take notice; would they even care to change?

Background checks = better control


Life is sacred. Some have forgotten this simple truth.

Once again, a random human armed with a gun has taken innocent lives; again in a church. Once again, I question the efficacy of our gun control. Hold on, don’t get me wrong, I believe every person in our country has the right to keep and bear arms. I also believe each and every one of us needs to be vetted and tested. Background checks are fine with me considering what they mean, what they aim to do, who they aim to protect.

Weapons, in the hands of the wrong people, are horrible pieces of destruction; in the right hands, instruments of protection. I know it’ll never be possible to keep arms from those who should never, ever have them, but perhaps, with a little checking, we can make it a little safer; make it harder for the random lunatics, the religious extremists, the homegrown terrorists, the disgruntled workers to perpetrate atrocities like the ones becoming more common every year.

Owning and carrying a weapon is a constitutional right, yes. But it’s also a privilege, an option for those that can pass a test and prove they are not a risk. Background checks should be run on every human attempting to purchase a gun; and any and all information that might disqualify the individual looking to purchase a weapon should be made obviously legible and immediately accessible. Every state should have at least a three-day waiting period for all purchases, not just handguns. There is absolutely no reason why any person with a criminal history, dishonorably discharged, proved mentally disabled, or ever denied a license should have the option to purchase a high powered weapon.

Opponents of this level of control claim this is stomping on the rights of those denied, who served our country, or those with disabilities. But effective control is multi-tiered, it takes into account why an individual has been denied and prompts additional checks. C’mon people, seriously look around, pay attention! Do you not believe owning an inanimate object with the power to kill should require a much greater level of qualification criteria?

Information is our ally. Providing this information to those selling guns can help them make better decisions and perhaps avoid some of the tragedies occurring, with alarming frequency, over the last 20 years.


Once in a while you’re afforded those moments when you can hang out with people who know you, accept you, love you; and they usually drag along some kewl others. It’s a wonderful thing! Last night was one of those nights. I got to chill with the crew, the original peeps. I haven’t had time with them for ages, at least not all together.

Sometimes it takes a wedding or some other large event to bring everyone together like that. It’s an amazing experience when it occurs. Pictures abound, silly things happen…which become fodder for future gatherings. Yes! It’s a magical time filled with memories, lots of laughs, and the occasional tears, usually of joy and remembrance.

I’m thankful for all these people. They’ve been a big part of my last 20 years…and I’d love to say another bunch to come.

Technology and our daily dealings

Everything seems to have gotten more difficult. I remember being able to rely on companies giving you the best deal when it became available. All of a sudden you have to call, if and when you notice your bill jacking skyhigh, to try to find out how you can lower it again. I guess it’s because they just bombard you with all that “have you thought about…“ selling you shit. What happened to customer service? At least some of these companies have brought it back home, after all the public clamoring; and some companies have definitely gotten much better customer service operators, but still…

I guess maybe it’s just more glaringly obvious to those of us who saw both sides, grew up a few years before millennial’s were even thought of. I expect a little bit more for people and consistently get quite a bit less; and sadly not just in business applications.

Talking to the general public at random points in my day seems to be a less than satisfying experience of late.

Everybody picks on millennials, , And I’m not saying they’re wrong, but I think technology is mostly to blame. Well that and upbringing, of course. But can that not be traced back to technology as well?

Parents have been relying on tech, rather than themselves, to bring their children up. I remember my parents being much more hands on than some of the examples I see today. Parenting has changed drastically since I was a kid. I’ve never had kids, never wanted them. And I am happy with that decision. What I see when I go shopping and I’m just out in general is a apalling. Children trounce over their parents superimposing their desires over their parents, and the grownups let them. Spanking has become the bane of our existence, corporal punishment being something lawyers love to go after. Never mind that it actually used to serve as deterrence for the behaviors we see today.

I don’t have an answer for any of this, this is basically just a rant, but that’s what a blog is for. I do wish parents paid a little bit more attention like they used to. I also wish technology wasn’t what it is today for that purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t live without technology… Well I have to get used to living without technology again, i use it that much. I do believe it’s wrong to rely so heavily on it, and I believe it’s definitely affected how we we deal with each other on a day-to-day basis. What happened to writing letters! Do people even know how to write anymore?

OK, I’ll just stop here.

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