A home without a soul

This home had a soul, a true heart at its center, until 16:30 today. Only those of you with four-legged children will understand. There’s an emptiness that lingers, an absolute sadness, the pain of loss. Words fail…

Love you always Queni-poopoo-face


One bit of good news

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 11.38.54 PM
Rain! Yes boys and girls, we’ve gotten two days of rain in the general area. Though it won’t immediately affect our lakes and waterways (it takes about three months for the water to filter through) it is definitely making our plants happier. Why just this morning my Aglaonema was mentioning to me how lovely she felt after her evening shower.

Seriously though, I’ve read recently that, due to a weak El Niño this summer we can expect about 14 named storms, a least two becoming major. While the thought of that doesn’t fill me with overwhelming joy, I can definitely appreciate the heavy rains associated with these storm. As long as we can request some lighter winds…

Finally, please be aware that, until we are fully into the wet season with our daily afternoon showers, we should still be careful with our water usage as well as our matches and lighters.

Now, go dance in the rain!

I’m ashamed…

I’m ashamed of the idiot at the helm of my country. Not ashamed of my country, just the morons currently tasked to help lead it. His insane decision to leave the Paris agreement, essentially ignoring climate change, will affect not just us but generations to come. We now have the distinction of being classified with such forward thinkers as Syria and Nicaragua. What great company!

I understand trying to make America great again, I just don’t see how he’s achieving that. Everything he’s done so far has been an affront to the values and ideals we’ve held. Every word he speaks, every statistic he uses, is an exaggeration or a lie. His cabinet and associated are obviously in their positions to further his goals and ambitions, or as payback for getting him through the election process and, ultimately, elected.

And why oh why are the taxpayers supporting this ‘first family’s’ desire to live apart? I’m sorry but, the President and his immediate family live in the White House. We are not liable for their comings and goings from one residence to another. We should not have to heft the burden of their financial indiscretions.

Mr Trump, you are the leader of this country; act like it, not like the infantile businessman and embellishing tyrant you have been. Take America as a whole into account when making your decisions. The upper crust you like to pretend to be part of does not encompass the whole of this country (nor do they appreciate your couthless ways). Your self serving actions will lead us straight into a have- and have-not society, right into third-world status. Stop pandering to your cronies and paying back favors, and start looking around you at the reality of our nation, the nation you’ve been tasked to lead.

Term limits

Now that Trump is in office, the first thing that he needs to institute is term limits, for everyone. There’s no reason why some of these people are in office for years and years. All they do is take extended vacations, sit on their asses, collect a paycheck, and bitch about their next raise.

Term limits would bring in new blood, allowing new challenges to be tackled and change to take place. It would keep what happened in the Obama administration, the internal squabbles and enormous rift between parties, from occurring again. Perhaps we can go into a season of healing rather than continuous stabbing at each other.

Farewell President Obama

I work in a heavily Republican bar, serving some incredibly close-minded, radically pro-change, Trump supporters. It’s very hard for me to not comment on what’s said, at times. As a rule, politics are not discussed; but every once in a while the subject does pop up.

Obama is seen as the (pardon the word) nigger liberal who’s ruined this country. I find that horribly sad because really, except for Obama-care, I think he brought a measure of tolerance and caring to the White House that’s been lacking for a while. No one is perfect;  less so, perhaps, the leader of a great nation.

I could never imagine being President, ever. I remember ages ago wondering why anyone would. Invariably I came up with the same answer every time: lust for power. But this man seemed to do it for the overall good of the people he presided over. His measured way of speaking, of finding the best words; the way he (properly) used social media, regularly reaching out to the country. His seemingly normal, centered daughters and Michele Obama, the closest thing to a real first lady we’ve had in a great while.

So I watched this last night at 3:00, while attempting to regain my sleep pattern, and felt inclined to post it. I’ve not written much over the last few years, but I believe I’ll start again. I have a feeling things are going to be getting under my skin and I’ll need an outlet. Never mind that one of my greatest friends said I should do so cuz she likes reading me 😉

President and Mrs. Obama

My brain’s been all over the place…

In August I was pushed out of a job I loved when the two idiots who owned the business, after years of abusing the system, were forced to sell. It was bought by a couple of guys, one of whom is absolutely unable to deal with strong women. I fit into that category. Yes, I’m currently working, but it’s just not the same; going from something you really liked to do, in an awesome place to…meh. Still, I am thankful I’m employed!

Veterans: men and women in our United States of America—gave lives, limbs and (often) their sanity to defends us and this country’s borders from enemies, foreign and domestic. This same country has ignored them and pushed them aside repeatedly. From the ludicrous nationwide homeless situation to the offer of benefits to immigrants from countries we’re at war with, the treatment of these heroes is deplorable. Why are we allowing aliens to come before those who have given so much for us? Why are we even letting these people in? Why are we, yet again, taking care of people outside our borders when there are so many that need care inside them? No boys and girls, these men and women are to be honored for having the courage to go out and put themselves between those who intend to harm us and the good ole US of A. Focus, focus on what’s important. Keep your warriors happy, safe, well-fed, clothed and covered. The stronger this country’s core is, the stronger our front is against those we have to fear and fight.

Global warming: it exists, people! It’s a natural curve the planet has been going through for eons. But please, don’t think we are not to blame for the exacerbation of the process. Our carbon emissions, plastics use and our general over-existence has pushed the progression. Look at the melting polar icecaps, the extinction of so many species, plant and animal. Sadly,  being the humans we are, most on this planet are doing/will do nothing at all until (alas) it’s too late. That time is coming, fast. We are at a point in our de-evolution where going back and fixing what we’ve fucked up so royally is not even possible, in many cases. Instead of constantly pretending this is not a huge issue, why not try to prevent future destruction by getting informed. Get a grasp on exactly what’s happening, why, and what you can do about it. The smallest step is the beginning of a powerful journey.

And finally, the Presidential (disg)race. I mean seriously, how did we come to this point, where a bunch of overpaid, non-working politicos stuff the worse possible candidates in our face and tell us we must choose from one to run our beloved country. What the hell happened to government of, by and for the people? Why are we not allowed to throw these horrid excuses out and start over with a fresh batch of options? Anyone remember the movie Brewster’s Millions? Check this clip out; it’s exactly what we should be doing right now.

Ok kids, I’m off to finish putting pots and shite away so Hurricane Matthew doesn’t bash everything to bits. Happy Thursday to all and to all a good fight 😉

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