One bit of good news

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Rain! Yes boys and girls, we’ve gotten two days of rain in the general area. Though it won’t immediately affect our lakes and waterways (it takes about three months for the water to filter through) it is definitely making our plants happier. Why just this morning my Aglaonema was mentioning to me how lovely she felt after her evening shower.

Seriously though, I’ve read recently that, due to a weak El Niño this summer we can expect about 14 named storms, a least two becoming major. While the thought of that doesn’t fill me with overwhelming joy, I can definitely appreciate the heavy rains associated with these storm. As long as we can request some lighter winds…

Finally, please be aware that, until we are fully into the wet season with our daily afternoon showers, we should still be careful with our water usage as well as our matches and lighters.

Now, go dance in the rain!


my incredible garden

I adore my garden; especially this year, with all the rain we’ve gotten. Everything just went “POOF” and magically (well, with the help of a few Jobe sticks) grew to heights before unseen. This prompted me to grab my cameras—yes, that includes my iPhone since it takes rather good shots in the right light—my hubby, and a couple LED lights, and walk around for many of the 24 hours in the day, capturing amazing things. Some of these blooms have such exquisite scents…I only wish I had me one of them smell-o-matic cameras!

I’m going to try, over the next few posts, to keep things on a light note. So I’ll be posting some of my favorites. Feel free to comment…or question 🙂

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